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Community Forum
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Community Forum Results

March 15, 2016


Group 1

·         Communication

o   Parents are impressed and pleased with communication

o   Continued celebrating successes through programs

o   Communicates the positives in a specific manner


·         IEP Process

o   Flexibility in scheduling

o   Appreciation of positive attitudes


·         Programming

o   Teamwork everywhere


·         Delivery of Services

o   Co-Teaching has fostered independence


·         Recommendations/Areas of Growth

o   Consider adding links to resources on website (information about disabilities)

§  Program explanation

o   Consider satellite IEP meetings (facetime / go to meeting)

o   Parent support with understanding of communication devices and liabilities

o   Consider support groups specific to student need

o   Consider video conferencing for IEPs

o   Provide a live resource library on website that responds to questions and provides parents information/resources on specific topics

o   Strategic Plan solution to making recommendations and follow-up


Group 2

·         Communication

o   Special Education meetings on a weekly basis in each building

o   District wide (not just special education) good communication regarding important and sensitive information

o   Community knows what is going on in the schools

o   PRIDE planning across buildings


·         IEP Process

o   Special Education Office Scheduling IEP meetings


·         Programming

o   Continue utilizing Infinitec for Staff Development

o   Continue exploring programming for the 18-22 year old population


·         Delivery of Services


·         Recommendations/Areas of Growth

o   45 minutes for an IEP may not be long enough

o   Consider providing HS PRIDE a longer block

o   Consider each building having a designated IEP Day per week

o   Don’t have IEP at the very beginning of the year

o   Develop a clear process on student transition from EC to Kindergarten who may need supports (provide the process and options to consider)

o   Staff training on Autism, more specialized training for special education staff

o   Continue exploring programming for the 18-22 year old population

o   Consider more co-teaching time for science and social studies

o   5pm for Community Forum may be too early for parents


Group 3

·         Communication

o   Skyward is helpful and easy to navigate

o   IEP teams communicate

o   IEP teams value everyone’s opinion/input

o   Team members feel they have a voice

o   Mass emails are very helpful and encouraged

o   Daily notes are appreciated and encourage

o   Advance notice of events, meetings and etc.. are helpful


·         Delivery of Services

o   EC Class is wonderful, students are making huge progress (Mrs. Kapidis Rocks!!)

o   Camelot programs are appreciated

o   Teachers are open to ideas from parents

o   Provide quick links on website that provide the following….

§  Dates of events

§  Resources

§  Advertise events, for example.. Sibshops

§  Special Olympics

·         IEP Process

o   IEP meetings are a priority to parents

o   Staff provide notice to parents in a timely manner if there is a change

o   Staff check parent understanding in IEP meetings

o   Parents feel comfortable at IEP meetings

o   Parents have a voice in IEP meetings

·         Recommendations/Areas of Growth

o   Consider updating the Special Education website making it user friendly with easy and quick links to resources

o   More extracurricular activities for students with disabilities

o   Make the IEP schedule process at IOA similar to in town schools

o   Schedule a Parent Academy to present how to use and access resources found on the school’s website

o   Consider providing daycare at all parent events

o   Continue with Annual Forum

o   Add an additional Forum at beginning of the year to help parents with any questions regarding new year

o   Consider Summer resources


Group 4

·         Communication

o   Teacher and Parents talk everyday

o   On-going consistent conversations

o   Continued connections with Pediatricians and Early Intervention Services

·         Delivery of Services

o   Focus more on the transition years (students transition to new building, example 4th-5th grade)

o   The legalities of the IEP process are an interest to both Parents and Teachers

o   EasyIEP is easy to understand and parent-friendly

o   Goal remains for students to become self-advocates

o   Importance of Transition Programing in the HS years

o   Transportation is good

·         Programming

o   Least Restrictive Environment remains the focus

o   Goal is as much general education exposure as appropriate

·         Recommendations/Areas of Growth

o   Continue the focus and importance of Step-Up Meetings

o   Consider providing students with experience and exposer to their next school year schedule, classes, IEP team and etc…