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March 23, 2017


·         Communication

o   Who do directly contact, specific names and phone numbers

o   Forum - Annually; informational night at the beginning of the year

o   Positive daily teacher communication/case manager communcation

o   Heads up on schedule changes


·         IEP Process

o   ESY discussions at AR or additional meeting if early in year

o   Positive EASYIEP displayed on screens

o   Positive inviting and open meetings/process

o   All staff involved contribute

o   Provide key points before IEP meeting

o   14 year old and older invited to meetings


·         Programming

o   Local resources "fair". ex. Perry Farm connection

o   Parent concerns shared with case workers prior to meetings and addressed at meetings

o   High school to college/beyond transition information prior to senior year

o   Step up meetings are helpful

o   List of outside activities in the area for students with special needs


·         Delivery of Services

o   Positive co-teaching experiences/good communication

o   More options for high school elective co-taught classes


·         Recommendations/Areas of Growth

o   READ 180 - Reading fluency on the computer

o   After school homework center for high school students with IEP's and without







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