Middle School Staff

Kristin Asher Portrait

Kristin Asher

Administrative Assistant

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Colleen Bechard Portrait

Colleen Bechard

MS Counselor

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Lauren Benoit Portrait

Lauren Benoit

7th Grade English/Science Teacher

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Katelyn Bever Portrait

Katelyn Bever

6th Grade English/SS Teacher

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Zandrea Brandt Portrait

Zandrea Brandt

Band Teacher

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Julie Breazeale Portrait

Julie Breazeale

Food Service Director

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Kelsey Bright Portrait

Kelsey Bright

Special Education Teacher

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Abbey Brueggemann Portrait

Abbey Brueggemann

5th Grade Teacher

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Brandy Buchmeier Portrait

Brandy Buchmeier

Adminstrative Assistant

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Dawn Bush Portrait

Dawn Bush

7th Grade Math/SS Teacher

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Kelly Campbell Portrait

Kelly Campbell

EL Teacher

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Josh Carlile Portrait

Josh Carlile

7th Grade Science Teacher/Athletic Director

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Krista Carlile Portrait

Krista Carlile

TAC Teacher (Talented & Creative)

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Carlyn Clarke Portrait

Carlyn Clarke

Social Worker

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Robin Covelli Portrait

Robin Covelli

PRIDE Teacher

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Scarlett Delya Portrait

Scarlett Delya


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Jaclyn Dondlinger Portrait

Jaclyn Dondlinger

Special Education Teacher

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Anthony Engelman Portrait

Anthony Engelman

6th Grade English Teacher

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Ramona Fagan Portrait

Ramona Fagan

Special Education Teacher

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Kyle Flanigan Portrait

Kyle Flanigan


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Breanna Franklin Portrait

Breanna Franklin

Special Education Teacher

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Andy Furbee Portrait

Andy Furbee

Director of Clinical Services

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Christy Galati Portrait

Christy Galati

Special Education Teacher

  • Email Christy Galati
Justin Gund Portrait

Justin Gund

Band Teacher

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Kathryn Gutzman Portrait

Kathryn Gutzman

Special Education Teacher

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Tracey Hartnett Portrait

Tracey Hartnett

School Nurse

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Jill Hill Portrait

Jane Hill


Sean Hoffmann Portrait

Sean Hoffmann

Choir Teacher

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Erin Hotwagner Portrait

Erin Hotwagner

8th Grade Math & Social Studies Teacher

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Kelly Hurt Portrait

Kelly Hurt

5th Grade Teacher

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Tasha Jones Portrait

Natasha Jones

5th Grade Teacher

  • Email Natasha Jones
Karen Koca Portrait

Karen Koca

8th Grade Science Teacher

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Michele Koehn Portrait

Michele Koehn

ISS Supervisor

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Jared Kriz Portrait

Jared Kriz


Candice Kuchar Portrait

Candice Kuchar


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Jacqueline Kurek Portrait

Jacqueline Kurek

MS Social Worker

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Kylie Liss Portrait

Kylie Liss

PE Teacher

  • Email Kylie Liss
Susan Lynch Portrait

Susan Lynch

8th Grade English Teacher

  • Email Susan Lynch
Carolyn Mayer Portrait

Carolyn Mayer

8th Grade Math Teacher

  • Email Carolyn Mayer
Casey Meier Portrait

Casey Meier

Art Teacher

  • Email Casey Meier
Jenni Monk Portrait

Jennifer Monk

6th Grade Math Teacher

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Mike Nowak Portrait

Michael Nowak

Fitness Teacher

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Lauren Nugent Portrait

Lauren Nugent

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

  • Email Lauren Nugent
Jon Petyko Portrait

Jonathan Petyko

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

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Photo of Chris Pickens

Chris Pickens

8th Grade ELA/Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Chris Pickens
Kristi Pine Portrait

Kristina Pine

Advanced ELA Teacher/Librarian

  • Email Kristina Pine
Kristie Rettke Portrait

Kristie Rettke

PE Teacher

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Diane Rewerts Portrait

Diane Rewerts

6th Grade Science Teacher

Subjects Taught 6th Science Education Graduated Kankakee Community College wi...

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Jerry Rewerts Portrait

Jerry Rewerts

Math Engineering Teacher

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Photo of Connar Rice

Connar Rice

Occupational Therapist

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Kara Riedstra Portrait

Kara Riedstra

Speech Pathologist

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Brendan Riley Portrait

Brendan Riley

7th Grade Math Teacher

  • Email Brendan Riley
Amy Rose Portrait

Amy Rose

Health Teacher

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Missy Saathoff Portrait

Melissa Saathoff

6th Grade Science/Math Teacher

  • Email Melissa Saathoff
Isabella Schnitzler Portrait

Isabella Schnitzler

Special Education Teacher

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Christine Segvich Portrait

Christine Segvich

Special Education Teacher

  • Email Christine Segvich
Nate Short Portrait

Nathan Short

Assistant Principal

  • Email Nathan Short
Alicia Sobodas Portrait

Alicia Sobodas

Opportunity & Leadership Teacher

  • Email Alicia Sobodas
Jessica Spiewak Portrait

Jessica Spiewak

5th Grade Teacher

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Tom Steele Portrait

Thomas Steele

Technology Director

Bethany Stritar Portrait

Bethany Stritar

5th Grade Teacher

  • Email Bethany Stritar
Nicole Van Portrait

Nicole Van

Special Education Teacher

  • Email Nicole Van
Tim Vanswol Portrait

Timothy Vanswol

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Timothy Vanswol
Christa White Portrait

Christa White

Food Service Manager

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Nichole Whitten Portrait

Nichole Whitten

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Nichole Whitten
Holly Woods Portrait

Holly Woods

Speech Pathologist

  • Email Holly Woods