District Staff

Alec Andrewson

Assistant Maintenance Director

Julie Breazeale Portrait

Julie Breazeale

Food Service Director

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Brett Bukowski

District Security Officer

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Cathy Creek Portrait

Cathy Creek

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

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Becky Davis Portrait

Rebecca Davis

Accounts Payable

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Ryan Diedrich Portrait

Ryan Diedrich

Transportation Director

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Kathi Eastman Portrait

Kathleen Eastman


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Jake Emerson Portrait

Jacob Emerson

Business Manager/CSBO

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Jaime Finkselstein Portrait

Jaime Finkelstein

Assistant Director for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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Kelly Flynn Portrait

Kelly Flynn

School Psychologist

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Andy Furbee Portrait

Andy Furbee

Director of Clinical Services

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RJ Haines Portrait

RJ Haines

Behavior Coordinator

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Stephanie Kaack Portrait

Stephanie Kaack

Data Coordinator

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Nancy Kaufman Portrait

Nancy Kaufman

Human Resources/Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

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Colleen Mangin Portrait

Colleen Mangin

Staffing Coordinator

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Dawn Murphy

Administrative Assistant - Student Support Services

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Katie O'Brien Portrait

Katie O'Brien

Administrative Assistant

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Erin Ruff Portrait

Erin Ruff

Special Education Director

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Tom Steele Portrait

Thomas Steele

Technology Director

Mike Tatro Portrait

Michael Tatro

Technology Hardware Specialist

Aaron Tobeck Portrait

Aaron Tobeck

SRO - School Resource Officer

Julie Wulff Portrait

Julie Wulff

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

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