Food Service


The District will assign your child a 6 digit ID number. This is the number that they will use throughout the entire school career at Manteno. The Skyward Food Service Module allows your child to use this ID number to purchase meals. You will then be able to see the purchases and payments through Skyward Family Access.

Orange Basket

Students must take a fruit or vegtable in order to complete their lunch.

Department Overview

Manteno CUSD No. 5 operates under the National School lunch Program. This department currently operates with a computerized lunch system which enables parents and students to prepay for nutrition in private accounts. We currently service 4 on-site preparation kitchens with 22 trained staff members. The majority of these employees are State Certified food handlers who regard food safety as their number one priority. Each cafeteria is supervised by its own manager. These managers are available to answer any questions regarding our program.

The Food Service Department provides wholesome appetizing food choices for the students and employees in the district at a reasonable cost. These choices contribute to the good nutrition that's so vital to both mental and physical growth of students. The Food Service Department operates as a business. All cost's, including salaries, associated with the Child Nutrition Department are paid for by the revenue generated from food sales and Federal and State reimbursements under the National School Lunch Program. We also follow all State guidelines for portion control, lunch consists of one entree,fruit and vegetable, bread and choice of milk daily.

We are proud to serve the best students and staff at Manteno Schools.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Child Nutrition is to build a bridge for student learning by providing nutritious, high quality meals that are reasonably priced, excellent in appearance, and served in a friendly oriented environment.

23-24 School Lunch Update