2022-23 Changes

Schools had federal flexibilities during COVID so they could serve all kids free meals. Some of those options expired, so we can no longer serve all meals free anymore. Instead, families will do what they did before COVID. Schools will take applications and use family income to qualify kids for free, reduce-price, or paid meals. Please complete a Free & Reduced Lunch form if you believe you qualify.

USDA Frequently Asked Questions

Food Service Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get an application for next year now?
    The state does not provide them until August.
  2. Can I pay online for lunches, at no charge?
    Yes, you can log in via Skyward Family Access or login directly to e-Funds
  3. Do I need to fill out a Free & Reduced application for each student?
    No, one application per family.
  4. Do I need to fill out a new application for free & reduced lunch every year?
    Yes, if you think you're in need, fill one out as soon as possible.
  5. How do I send money to my child's school?
    Print out an envelope and fill out the front and send it to the school your child attends.
  6. If I am free lunch, does my student get free milk?
    No, we do not run a free milk program. You must have money in the account.
  7. Is there a policy on food allergies for students?
    Yes, you must contact the nurse with a Dr note.
  8. Who do I contact regarding Free & Reduced application questions?
    Director of Food Service,  Julie Breazeale (815)928-7011