2023-24 Update

Schools will take applications and use family income to qualify kids for free, reduced-price, or paid meals. Please complete a Free & Reduced Lunch form if you believe you qualify.

USDA Frequently Asked Questions

Summer EBT - SUN BUCKS Program

Food Service Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get an application for next year now?
    The state does not provide them until August.
  2. Can I pay online for lunches, at no charge?
    Yes, you can log in via Skyward Family Access or login directly to e-Funds
  3. Do I need to fill out a Free & Reduced application for each student?
    No, one application per family.
  4. Do I need to fill out a new application for free & reduced lunch every year?
    Yes, if you think you're in need, fill one out as soon as possible.
  5. How do I send money to my child's school?
    Print out an envelope and fill out the front and send it to the school your child attends.
  6. If I am free lunch, does my student get free milk?
    No, we do not run a free milk program. You must have money in the account.
  7. Is there a policy on food allergies for students?
    Yes, you must contact the nurse with a Dr note.
  8. Who do I contact regarding Free & Reduced application questions?
    Director of Food Service,  Julie Breazeale (815)928-7011